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Mediflora and Lentisk

The best innovation rests on solid traditions

Lentisk has always been a part of Sardinia’s heritage – its strength lies not only in its spontaneous growth in the most original and varied places, but also in the generosity with which it offers its small berries, true gems rich in wellbeing-promoting qualities. The best way to capture and enjoy all this bounty is in the delicate, painstaking creation of oil of mastic, maintaining unchanged its flavour and health-enhancing properties. Processing undertaken by Mediflora maintains at 100% all the qualities of this unique oil.


Mediflora: innovation flowering from tradition

Mediflora produces in southern Sardinia oils, essences and extracts from local wild plants or organically-grown plants. Our guiding principles are natural values, new concepts of quality, and the application of various branches of science to the study of plant species, their use in past times and possible future uses, in order to create products and processes in harmony with nature, tradition and contemporary wellbeing. One of our leading products is Sardinian oil of mastic, from which we obtain Ylo and Stincu. In line with this business philosophy, Mediflora uses renewable energy produced by our PV installation.